Bohack: It Took Several Wives Lp (New, sealed) 

Bohack: It Took Several Wives Lp (New, sealed)


Sealed, Very Rare and Out of Print!

Family Friend Records
Copyright Bohack Music 1982

Side 1: The Rock of Joe the Dog Crowd Noticed/ Slow Clock/ A Waiter Dies a Large Family for a Tip Leaves/ Shot Himself after Falling 3 Days/ Fat Jaw/ If You Feel Froggy Jump/ Jesus in Mono/ Old Hog Pissing Sepia/ Jerky in Color/ To Save a Safe Artist's Ass/

Side 2: Good Brown/ It Took Several Wives/ The Man with the Flower in his Mouth/ They Came as One Person/ The White Hand Burned While the Red Hand Held On/ Potato Skin Hair/ Perfumes (Part 1)/ Perfumes (Part 2)

Bohack is Vincent Vito Gallo, Claudia Porcelli, Wayne Richard Clifford


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