Vincent Gallo "Belvedere Campaign" artwork 

Vincent Gallo "Belvedere Campaign" artwork


The legend Vincent Gallo was asked to be the face of Belvedere Vodka for 2008. Gallo who has never had a drink of alcohol in his life was confused by the offer since most people know he doesn't drink. Belvedere explained, "It doesn't matter you are drug and alcohol free, we want our product to be associated with greatness, talent, intelligence, with good looks and those who are well hung, with people who are rich and famous, with someone sweet and shy and very sensitive, someone romantic sexy and tender. We want you, Vincent Gallo to be the face of Belvedere." And so, for a couple hundred grand Gallo gave them a half a day of his time.

During the filming of these legendary spots Gallo was asked to create artwork on film. For sale here is the actual artwork Gallo created while shooting the commercial. The artwork is very much featured in the commercial and is a masterpiece.

Signed by Vincent Gallo.

30" x 25"


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